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Terry O'Neal, ASA, Phoenix Personal Property Appraiser, Residential Contents

Terry O'Neal, ASA, Phoenix Personal Property Appraiser, Residential Contents

ASA American Society of Appraisers, Phoenix Personal Property Appraiser

International Society of Appraisers, Phoenix Personal Property Appraisal

Terry O'Neal, ASA, Phoenix Personal Property Appraiser

Personal Property Appraiser, Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA), American Society of Appraisers; Member, ASA Phoenix Chapter; Member, International Society of Appraisers


Accredited Senior Appraiser, Residential Contents, American Society of Appraisers (#40129)

Professional Memberships

American Society of Appraisers, Phoenix Chapter: Member, 1998-present; Past Secretary

International Society of Appraisers: Accredited Member, 2013-present


George Washington University, 1998

  • Course Study for the Appraisal Practice of the American Society of Appraisers

    • Introduction to Personal Property Valuation - PP201

    • Personal Property Valuation Methodology: Research and Analysis - PP202

    • Personal Property Valuation: Report Writing - PP203

    • Personal Property Valuation: Appraisal Practice and Standards - PP204

  • Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) – SE100

  • Ethics Examination

  • Connoisseurship Courses, 1999

    •   A Survey of Decorative Arts - CWAS505

    •   Conservation – CWAS720

    •   Antique Furniture Restoration: Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC

International ASA Conference: Seminars on Wood Identification, California Pottery, Eames Furniture, Professional Expert Witness, August 2002

"20th Century Southwest Native American Arts for the Generalist Appraiser," International Society of Appraisers, Costa Mesa, California, March 2003

Hands-on Exhibit/Tour: Muse'e du Louvre; Muse'e de Rodin; Ecole de Nancy (Art Nouveau), Paris, France, March 2003

"Furniture – Sorting Out the Fakes" (Critical evaluation of the authenticity of styles and forms of English, Continental and American furniture, 1760-1890), Whitehall at the Villa, Chapel Hill, NC, July 2005

ASA Continuing Education Classes and Seminars, 2007-2013

  • “A Day with the IRS" (advanced seminar), Washington, DC, April 2007

  • "Appraisal Report Writing," Manhattan Beach, CA, June 2008

  • USPAP 2010/2011 Course, Henderson, NV, February 2010

  • "Introduction to Appraising Indian Fine Art," July 2011

  • "To Give and to Receive: A Handbook on Gift and Donations for Museums and Donors," January 2012

  • "Personal Property Report Writing: The Update Course," New Orleans, May 2012

  • "Antiques and Decorative Art," New Orleans, May 2012

  • "Estates, Trusts and Estate Planning for the Personal Property Appraiser: A New Look at Fair Market Value," Arlington, VA, May 2013

  • USPAP Update: Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, December 2013

"Assets 2015," International Society of Appraisers Annual Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 19-23, 2015


Phoenix Personal Property Appraiser Clients

Our Phoenix-area personal property appraisal clients consistently benefit from our experience and familiarity in serving:

  • Officers with corporate financial trust departments

  • Trust and estate attorneys

  • Certified fiduciaries

  • CPAs

  • Insurance companies

  • State and federal agencies

  • Senior care professionals

  • Family members and other non-professionals serving as personal representative or trustee